I’m At It Again

After too long away from making any cards, I’ve finally found some time to do just that! There have been many reasons for my lack of card-making, not the least of which was a lack of “mojo”. I just couldn’t get anything to click – I would sit down at my craft table and stare at my many, many card sketches. But, sadly, nothing would come of it.

The other day, I sort of forced myself to do a card. This blank has been sitting on my desk for nearly a month. This card isn’t my greatest work, but I do think it helped finally get my creative juices flowing – if only a little bit.

card 039

Well, ya gotta start somewhere! Smile

So my next card got better. I found a card online that I really liked and decided to “copy” it. It was square, mine isn’t; there are several other changes I made, but the end result made me feel like I was back into my creative ways.

card 040

The color in the photograph isn’t very true, but hopefully, you’ll get the idea. Once again, I was happy with the end result and knew I was back in the swing of it.

I’m quite proud of this last card I’m sharing. I had absolutely no idea what the card would end up like when I started it. I find that’s how I stumble into some of my best work.

I hadn’t done any paper piercing in quite a while, so I thought I’d start there. I found a pattern I liked, picked the cardstock and a coordinating patterned paper and went to work. After several hours of work over the last 2 days, here’s what I came up with:

card 041

Several things on this card were done out of necessity rather than pure choice, but each made the card better than it might have otherwise been.

  • After piercing all the holes in the oval, I wanted to emboss something into each scallop. I had no templates small enough, so I went looking for some other way to embellish them. I tried rhinestones, but didn’t really like the look. Then I decided to see how my silver stickers could work. The pieces used are the negatives left behind from other stickers and worked just great.
  • I didn’t plan ahead (duh!) and glued the background paper onto the card before wrapping the black ribbon around it. I had less than 2 inches more than what you see on the card, so it would have left ugly ends wrapped to the inside of the card. So I decided to cut the ends and leave it at that. And it worked!
  • The orange roses were in the plan from the beginning. But I had no idea what would work best over the pierced oval. I started looking through my silver stickers for a nice script-style “Happy Birthday” or something. I never make sympathy cards without a specific need, but this sentiment fit too perfectly on the card to do anything else. (I hope I don’t need to use it any time soon!)

Now I have my “mojo” back and I’ll have to quit making cards again until after the New Year! Houseguests arrive in three days and my craft room must be turned into their bedroom. And then we will be heading to Texas to spend Christmas with our grandkids. So, there’s no card-making in my future, but there IS lots of fun ahead!

Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas to all!