My Sister Sister’s Cards

My sister is here visiting for a few days and asked if she could learn to make cards while here. She wanted to make ONE while here. Well, in the last day and a half, she’s made FIVE – and I don’t think she’s done! She’s having a blast.

Sr. Carole Ann (my sister) wants to be able to go back to her convent and help other nuns to make cards which will be given to the people in the nursing home across the street from her convent. What a great idea! I’m all in!

We started with one similar to a card I had made for my other sister’s anniversary a couple years ago. (Recognize it, Karen?) She took the photo of this magnolia in our yard, printed it on photo paper and started working on the card. Here’s her finished product.


Sr. Dorothy will by 90 years old soon, and will hopefully enjoy this beautiful work done in her honor.

Her second card is for her granddaughter who will turn 7 soon. I think it’s just SO cute!


These two cards were done yesterday afternoon. Today we started up again after having lunch. This next card is for the same Sr. Dorothy, who is also celebrating 70 years as a nun. It’s an amazing milestone. I think my sister did very well in capturing the feeling of that milestone.


Sr. Carole Ann plans to write a sentiment down the left side of the card; she just didn’t get to it before the photo was taken.

He fourth card is for her grandson who will be having his birthday soon, too. He is progressing rapidly in the Boy Scouts of America, so we thought using that theme would work well for him. So we went to the internet where she found this logo. We used photo editing software to get the background paper. Here’s the card she finished for him.


I seriously doubt any other young man will ever get a card like this in the mail! He’ll like it for sure.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the fifth card she made as the recipient (our other sister) will be reading this posting. Too bad, Karen, you’ll just have to wait. Trust me, though, you’ll like it.

Needless to say, I’m very proud of my “quick study” Sister Sister. She’s got a good eye and has picked up the techniques very well. I have to watch out: now I’ve got some competition!

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Karen
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 18:01:46

    Well, WHY NOT????????????

    Carole – beautiful work and that magnolia one? O…. M….. G…. Gorgeous! But as Donna knows, I love her inchie stuff ideas. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time together and being very creative. The cards are spectacular and of course Carole has a wonderful teacher!

    Keep it rolling and have lots of FUN! 🙂


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